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Open doors to a new world: Canadian permanent residence

canadian temporary residence

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A new home, a new identity: Become a proud Canadian citizen

Our Goal

It is a well known fact that the Canadian government has created more complicated barriers to entry compared to earlier. Immigration rules and regulations are becoming more and more complex in different programs and for different regions of the world. In order to qualify for skilled immigration or temporary residence you must present your case accurately and to an immigration officer who has the authority to make the final decision on your application.
Our main goal is to assist you with getting your visa to Canada or we are here to help you resolve your immigration problems. Our job is to help open doors so that you, your relatives, friends or employees can live, work or study in Canada for a better future.

Our prime Consultant

Charlotte’s Canada Immigration Inc. is professionally managed under the direct supervision of Chathurika Dias. She is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R 709011) accredited by College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants of Canada.

Chathurika is an immigrant herself, who arrived in Canada as an international student in 2014 for postgraduate-level studies. She is so proud to tell her story of the immigration journey from student to Regulated Immigration Consultant over 9 years and inspire young dreamers all around the world. She is discreet with the constantly changing migration law to provide an efficient service to the clients. She conducts Charlotte’s Canada Immigration Inc. in a transparent manner giving due diligence to CICC code of professional conduct.

Our Speciality-Why do you need to select Charlotte’s?

IMMIGRATION is a life-changing decision. You see your application as straightforward; Your single mistake can cause your application to be returned or refused – a simple mistake can cause you to lose months that yourapplication could have been in process. Therefore, you need an expert to handle your matter. At Charlotte’s;

  • Your case will be managed by a knowledgeable consultant whom you will
    be directly dealing with.
  • Accessibility to the consultant, who will keep you informed of the progress
    throughout your visa process.
  • Open and honest communication about your prospects.
  • Prompt advice on immigration policy changes that impact your case.
  • Strengthening your case with all possible supporting documents and
    strong submissions where necessary.
  • No hidden fees.

Charlotte’s offers several options to guide you through a complicated and
sometimes confusing the immigration system.

“Comprehensive Consultations”

  • Free video conference or phone consultation up to 20 minutes.
  • In person 30 minutes appointment time at office ($ 100 flat fee )
  • In Depth discussion of you or your family immigration matters.
  • Evaluation of which economic pathways are most suitable for you.
  • Demonstration of all possible outcomes to expect from the application process
  • Any red flags/gray areas with your application
  • Ways to strengthen the application


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